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A Beautiful Testimony From The Wilderness

Written by  Priscilla K. Garatti
A Beautiful Testimony From The Wilderness Photo by Nik MacMillan

The Aramaic uses a metaphor, "a beautiful testimony from the wilderness." This means he has passed through his wilderness journey and is now seen as tested and proven.~ Footnote from the The Passion Translation referencing I Timothy 3:7

Tomorrow we flip the calendar to 2022. What geography will you discover in the New Year? Maybe some of you feel as if  the territory of 2021 tested you mightily. "Proven" may still seem a glimmer in the distance. Wherever you are, you have a story to tell, and you've kept traveling. Well done! As you step over the threshold into 2022, I send a blessing...

As you put away the Christmas ornaments, take down the tree and remove the lights on the roof, may you not dwell on the fact that the festivities are over, but rather on the surety of God's faithfulness, and the expectation of His goodness that trails you, even if you believe you're still on the wilderness pathway.

Or perhaps you're thrilled that the celebrations have ended and you can get back to your routines. No more weird or awkward family gatherings or too much sugar. Revel in His mercy that supports you still.

As you move ahead, may you love others deeply with a pure heart.

May you be flooded with incredible grace, like a river overflowing its banks.

May you embrace the mysteries of faith.

On the hard-packed, cracked soil of the trail, may you use your promises from God as weapons as you wage spiritual warfare--praising the King even in the austerity--the King of all the universe who is indestructible, invisible and full of glory.

And when you travel amongst emerald green fields that bring you pleasure, may you receive that abundance with great relish and thanksgiving.

May you escape the empty echoes of men and trust instead in the One who lavishes His love upon you.

Don't minimize the powerful gifts that operate in your life. He's given these gifts to you for such a time as this.

May you remember that you are captured by grace, and may this abundant grace, mercy, and total well-being from God the Father and the Anointed One, our Lord Jesus, be yours! 

Savor your beautiful testimony. Happy New Year.


(Blessing taken from sections of I Timothy in The Passion Translation)



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