Saturday, 10 October 2015 12:24

The Extravagant Tranquility In Letting Go

Written by  Priscilla K. Garatti

I live near a tidal creek, and that body of brackish water is often a destination when I walk.  Some days the creek is so still I see rose-colored bands of the sunrise threaded through its glossy surface.  Other days, often at twilight, the waters are rippling with life--arctic white egrets spear fish in the shallows at low tide and minute crabs scurry away from my footsteps as I approach the great oak that hugs the creek's bank. 

That day I leaned against the ancient tree, weary from the day.  So many cares.  I was tired from a ten-hour day.  I'd almost stayed on the couch watching Dr. Phil instead of getting outside. But I'd pulled myself off the couch knowing it was better to move. I kept telling myself, "You always feel better after you move."

And so there I found myself at the creek breathing in its subtle saltiness.  I looked down and observed my reflection quavering in the green-brown waters.  And at just that moment a single leaf fell from the tree and began to move down the gently flowing creek. I sensed a still voice that could only be a whisper from God.  "Let go.  Cast your care. You are deeply loved.  There are no conditions. You do not have to perform for me.  I accept you as you are.  Life is difficult, but in my care there is peace."

And so I watched that leaf until it was just a speck, lifting my hand and waving good-bye to my worries and anxieties, imagining that leaf bearing my burdens away on the current of God's love and grace.

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What Readers Are Saying

In Missing God Priscilla takes a brave and unflinching look at grief and the myriad ways in which it isolates one person from another. The characters are full-bodied and the writing is mesmerizing. Best of all, there is ample room for hope to break through. This is a must read.

Beth Webb-Hart (author of Grace At Lowtide)

winner"On A Clear Blue Day" won an "Enduring Light" Bronze medal in the 2017 Illumination Book Awards.

winnerAn excerpt from Missing God won as an Honorable Mention Finalist in Glimmertrain’s short story “Family Matters” contest in April 2010.